Need to convert your CubeCart database to OsCommerce? Here's a handy script.

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Below is a handy script to convert your existing CubeCart shop into OsCommerce. Please note the variables at the top of the file will need to be set for your database.

This converts the tables :-

  • Customers
  • Address Book
  • Products
  • Products Description
  • Products to Categories
  • Categories
  • Categories Description
  • Orders
  • Orders Products
  • Orders Status History

Procedure :-

  • Backup your database
  • Have the CubeCart and OsCommerce tables in the same database
  • Set the database variables in the top of the file
  • Call the file directly from your web browser
  • Check the database has updated as you wish
  • Remove the script
  • Delete the excess CubeCart tables

There has been some customisation in this file for the particular instance so you may need to be modify certain aspects to get it 100% to your suitability.

File Attachments

download  Download: cubecart_to_osc.php.txt


thanks for the script!

thanks for the script!

I was looking all over for this

Great script that saved me so much time and effort. I just can't believe it's free.
Great job guys!

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