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It's actually very simple, it just took me a little while to find the option.

Under the 'sort criteria' field,

  • hit the plus sign to add a new sorting mechanism
  • select 'Global'
  • check on 'Global:Random' and then save.

It's that simple, but sometimes you scan straight pass the simple stuff!




thx for it. ::)

thx for it. ::)

Thankl you

Thank you, I was looking for this option

Worked like a charm!

Thanks a lot! This was exactly what I needed!

Thanks, it worked!

I don't think I would have found the setting for this on my own. Thanks!

So is it possible to sort the random subset of rows that were returned from the query?

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info!

Great thank you will try that

Great thank you will try that :)

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