Are you getting the error :-

Upload component - Upload Failed ERROR:

Could not find an XML setup file in the package.

On trying to upload a Joomla! component? Here's a quick checklist on how to solve it...

Category: joomla

  • Check that it is a component (usually has _com_ in the file title
  • Check the component is for your version of Joomla!
  • Check that the directories required by Joomla! have the correct permissions and are writeable:-
    media/ Writeable
    administrator/components/ Writeable
    components/ Writeable
    images/stories/ Writeable
  • Ensure that the directories have the correct permissions (typically chmod 777) and the correct owner/group. A quick handy command line script can be found here.
  • Ensure that the zip file (usual install) is not double compressed - some components ship with the actual zip file and readme file zipped into an overal container zip.
  • Check that PHP SAFE MODE is set to off (through your control panel or a phpinfo file) and then set accordingly if required through the hosting control panel, the .htaccess or ask your host to change the setting.


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