Having problems getting your Drupal site to talk to your Twitter account? Here is a simple walkthrough.

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With the advent of the change in Twitter authentication the simple Drupal Twitter module had to undergo a few modifications and the documentation misses some crucial steps which may trip you up. So here is a simple walkthrough on how to have a simple feed pushed from your Drupal site into your Twitter account.

1. Download and enable the following modules in Drupal:-




2. Configure OAuth

Ensure you select the "RSA-SHA1" method of cryptography in Site Configuration -> OAuth, without this crucial step, your feed will not work.

3. Register your application with Twitter

Follow the link given in the Site Configuration -> Twitter. The application type is browser, The callback url is given on the Twitter config page in Drupal. The access type is read/write.

This will then give you your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, paste this into the Drupal Twitter setup.

4. Setup the global Twitter account on your admin user in Drupal.

Go to your super user/admin account in Drupal and edit it. Click on the 'Twitter Accounts' button and 'Add Account', allow the account and then click 'make global' and save the changes.

5. Allow users to access the global account

If you wish *all* site posts to be posted to Twitter, then allow the roles you wish to be able to use it the permission of "use global twitter account" in Users -> Permissions.

6. Decide which content types to post

Under Site Configuration -> Twitter -> Post you can select which posts will be pushed to Twitter and the subject title.

And then you're good to go!




Hey, thx a lot. That was

Hey, thx a lot. That was exactyl what i needed to know!!

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