OsCommerce can be a great engine to use to power your shop but out of the box lacks some key features. A blog engine is one example - Wordpress being the market leader. So, how to integrate your Wordpress blog into your OsCommerce store? Here's how...

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user redirection with joomlaThis code allows you to display an information box in OsCommerce utilising a random post from your Wordpress blog.


Step 1:
Download the attached blog.php.txt (see bottom of page) and save as file: /includes/boxes/blog.php

Step 2:

Alter the config params at the top to suit your Wordpress installation, save the file.

Step 3:

open file /includes/column_left.php (or column_right.php if you wish the blog to appear on the right).
Decide which order you wish the box to appear in and then add:
include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'blog.php');

And you're good to go!


Very useful for SEO purposes, you may want to alter the way the blog url string is built (line #45) depending if you're using search engine friendly urls or not.

File Attachments

download  Download: blog.php.txt


wordpress and oscommerce

oscommerce does not have an inbuilt blog.

But you can have both in one place suing some contrib.

or create a blog folder and place wordpress there.
Then using wp-get u can play with wordpress blogs and display them on oscommerce.

Also you prepend in db table you can use single table.

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