An OsCommerce powershop with custom upload facility and extensive SEO.


  • extensive SEO options
  • custom artwork upload facility
  • discount coupons
  • comprehensive statistics and reporting
  • Atomic Linux secure hosting

extensive SEO options

Automatic and dynamic header tags including titles, meta information, search engine friendly urls, intelligent site structure and Page Rank flow sclupting, automatic Froogle and Google submissions and more.

custom artwork upload facility

A file import utility to allow customers to upload specific file types to accompany products within their orders. This is then integrated and trackable within the OsCommerce orders system.

discount coupons

The extensive discount coupon module has been deployed allowing discounts on a product, category, total, shipping and more on a per user, number of uses or site-wide basis.

comprehensive statistics and reporting

Products, orders, customers, visitors and more can be tracked with a full range of reporting. Full analytical tracking including eCommerce ensure that every piece of information is available to All Bands as and when they need it.

Atomic Linux secure hosting

The site is hosted on our Atomic secure guaranteed uptime server ensuring the highest levels of speed, security and reliability.