A Drupal conversion delivering the power, flexibility and future-proofing of a strong CMS.

The mission was two-fold, to migrate a complete domain to a new domain and to convert the old flat Transport Media site to a new dynamic Drupal driven one. All without losing any search engine rankings.

  • First, the domain was migrated with a full '301 redirect' to the new domain.
  • In addition, the new domain was setup within Google Webmaster Tools,
  • old links were pointed to the new domain where possible
  • and the results were monitored closely in the search engines.

Once settled, the next task was to convert the site to Drupal

Many modules were necessary to deliver the necessary functionality including some custom ones. All the Drupal search engine friendly modules were installed and configured. A full 301 redirect was put in place for the new pages which were titled and named appropriately. A new Google sitemap was created and submitted and scheduled.

The end result was an increase in search engine rankings, a fully flexible content managed site and future proofing the expandability of the site for the coming years.