A fully automated powershop utilising OsCommerce with many custom functions and extra content areas

The emphasis on the Fluke Motorsport shop was power, information and automation. To this end, the requirements focussed on :-

  • Custom product information display
  • Technical and informational areas
  • Video gallery

Custom product information display

The information required on the product display screen in each instance is a lot more exhaustive than the typical OsCommerce display. Extra information revolving around galleries, individual product delivery timescales, technical information and more are all selectable through the administration and display at the front-end in a user-friendly manner.

Technical and informational areas

Content management areas have been added into the shop detailing customer's cars, informational areas on the genre including datalogging databases, photo galleries and more. All these areas ensure the site is not just an excellent selling resource but a useful information resource for the community.

Video Gallery

The Coppermine gallery engine was reskinned and deployed to allow Fluke Motorsport to deliver their videos to their visitors through an easily administered interface.