Taking a startup site from £0 to £50,000/month in 1 year

One of our existing clients approached us late in 2007 with a challenge - to design, create, launch and optimise their new shop and make it more profitable than their existing shop within a year. No problem!

Utilising the OsCommerce 2.2 build that eConcepts has modified to our own ends we set about optimising the shop. Accomplished through installing modules for :-

  • header tags modification
  • search engine friendly urls
  • dynamic titles and meta data
  • site map submission to Google
  • Froogle submission
  • WordPress blog integration
  • internal link optimisation
  • content building
  • navigational changes

As well as a general cleanup of the OsCommerce product display and ordering process the results speak for themselves -

After just six months the client asked us to slow down while they brought on new staff and a new warehouse to cope!

Here at eConcepts we pride ourselves on being eCommerce search engine specialists, whether from a site technological point of view , a marketing and promotional view, or in fact any aspect of the eCommerce spectrum.