From 0-1000vpd (visitors per day) in less than six months!

A fully automated motorsports classified portal with extensive technical SEO.

The Raced and Rallied site is based on the Delta Classifieds engine, this was then taken through an extensive debuild and rebuild to accomplish the key factors required:-

  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Full automation
  • Extensive Security and anti-spam measures
  • Google Maps API features

The result has seen the site become the #1 listing of race, rally and motorsport classifieds on the Internet.

Ranking well across the spectrum for it's phrases and helping enthuasiasts the world over buy and sell their motorsport goods.

Search Engine Friendliness

The site employs a clever internal linking structure, dynamic titles, dynamic image tagging, automated sitemaps, Google submissions, RSS news feeds, externally useable link blocks, mod_rewrite urls and more to present it's information in the most search engine friendly manner possible.

Full automation

Fully automated submission, image creation and thumbnailing, feed generation and more ensure the minimal work is required to keep the site running.

Extensive Security and anti-spam measures

Alarms in the system trigger emails to warn of potential threats or spam attempts. Extensive .htaccess rules ensure offenders are banned and cannot return. Internal captcha and contact forms are implemented to eliminate spam and unwanted contact.

Google Maps API features

Search employs the Google Maps API and the motorsport locations feature further enhances the knowledge base on the site and usefulness to visitors.